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Discounted Display and Presentation

Discounted Display and Presentation

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Recycle school furniture and equipment

Recycle school furniture and equipment

Will future generations blame us for the state of the planet? Time is running out - we only have approximately seven years left before our landfill sites will be full.........what will we do then?

Zoot Educational Furniture have developed a pioneering new solution set to change the way businesses and organisations dispose of their surplus and redundant school/ office furniture and equipment. We want you and your establishment to join us and help us make a lasting difference for a brighter future.

We currently offer (free of charge) five solutions for you (we are working on several more), to make your school furniture last longer and be more sustainable. We are working together with many other businesses, organisations and government bodies to achieve our goal of reducing unnecessary landfill from the educational sector.


1- Sell your redundant and surplus school furniture and equipment - get cash for your assets

We provide an innovative brokerage service interactively matching buyers and sellers of used school/ office furniture and equipment. You can advertise for sale your surplus school furniture (anything in your school!), for free. Someone somewhere wants to buy - we hope to find them for you.

Even if you have no idea how much your items may be worth, don't worry - we do! So as you fill in the form simply request a valuation and we will advise you. It is becoming less and less acceptable, and ever more expensive, to dispose of waste in landfill sites or incinerate it. We are being encouraged to live and work more responsibly and penalised if we don't. This gives you the perfect opportunity not only to help the environment by recycling your redundant school furniture, but also the chance to make some money to reinvest in your school and help another school or establishment to purchase something useful at less cost.

2 - Buy school furniture and equipment manufactured from a large proportion of recycled materials

 You can buy new school furniture and equipment manufactured from a large proportion of recycled materials from our site. This reduces waste, landfill, greenhouse gases and conserves energy. All at no extra cost to you. All products are supplied to a high specification with long guarantees from mainly UK manufacturers, all of whom have sustainable and environmental policies in place. As if that wasn't enough all of these products are recyclable again at the end of their long and useful life - we are all under scrutiny where environmental issues are concerned, we all have to spend time and money tackling them. Well, here is a way to achieve both, a way to move forward, a way to help save our planet for future generations. A way to save you time, money and resources.

3 - Buy used school furniture and equipment from other schools

You can buy redundant/ surplus/ used school furniture and equipment from other establishments cheaper than buying new, thereby extending the life of the product, saving your budget, contributing to another establishments budget and again reducing waste and landfill. Everything comes to an end, or so they say. At Zoot we disagree. When something reaches the end of its useful life for one establishment, it has the potential to start a new life elsewhere. We provide a solution to enable this to happen.

4 - Recycle your old (plastic) polypropylene chairs to live again.........

We all know the daily abuse that (plastic) polypropylene chairs receive in an educational establishment. Even the best looked after chairs eventually become unsafe to use, and therefore are of no use to anyone. However, this is still not the end! If you prurchase selected polypropylene chairs from us we are able to arrange collection of all of your old polypropylene chairs free of charge, whether you originally bought them from us or not! They will be melted down, have polymer added and turned into brand new chairs. It won't be the end - it will be a new beginning! (Read Charlie the Chair). Even if you do not currently require new polypropylene chairs we will be happy to provide you with a competitive quotation so that you can be safe in the knowledge your redundant polypropylene chairs will be recycled to live again - please contact us.

5 - Donate school furniture, equipment and computers to charity

 Donate - we are currently working with several charities who may be interested in your redundant school furniture and equipment to send abroad - if this appeals to you, please contact us. We are also able to arrange to send your old computers to Africa - these days, computers are out of date as soon as you have purchased them. As such, they are often replaced. They may no longer be of use to you, but to the children in schools in Africa they are a vital and scarce resource. Zoot are pleased to be partnered with IT Schools Africa, a Cheltenham based charity set up to send computers to Africa. They would gratefully accept any donations of computers, printers or other IT equipment and educational software. They will ensure your hard disks are securely wiped using professional software, and new WEEE legislation requiring companies and schools to dispose of their IT equipment responsibily will be fulfilled. each computer is used by about 25 children per week, so you can rest assured that your donation will be put to good use.

We are constantly striving to offer more alternatives to recycling surplus and redundant school furniture and equipment and even in situations when we can neither find a reuse for your old furniture nor suitable means of recycling it, we expect soon to have the facilty to convert any plastic or wood components into energy - contact us.

As you can see Zoot Educational Furniture offer you a range of services to make a complex, often expensive and time consuming process easy.

Zoot offer a solution.......

A solution that will reduce the uncalled for and unnecessary dumping of some 700,000 tons of redundant furniture and equipment into landfill every year from the educational sector alone.

A solution that  provides effective asset management (your school furniture and equipment) and adhers to government guidelines, and we believe soon to be directives.

A solution that is cost effective with little or no skip, labour or landfill charges.

A solution that can change the attitude of our 'throw away' society.

A SOLUTION THAT WORKS......without costing the earth.

 Buy, sell, recycle your school furniture and equipment - it's that simple! 

  • Cost effective to you - from aquisition to disposal: simply describe the products and service you require
  • Helps you to avoid under valuing your assets
  • Helps make your organisation more eco-friendly
  • Makes the production of office furniture more sustainable
  • Leaves you free to concentrate on teaching, your area of expertise whilst taking advantage of our expertise in office furniture - for free!

The Zoot Way - contact us today.

School furniture, accessories and equipment dedicated to the educational sector - without costing the Earth.

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