Drywipe Perpetual Planner

Drywipe Perpetual Planner
Style: Blue Edge Frame - 24 Hour - 7 Day PlannerStyle: Aluminium Frame - 24 Hour - 7 Day PlannerStyle: Blue Edge Frame - Week PlannerStyle: Aluminium Frame - Week Planner
Style: Blue Edge Frame - Appointments PlannerStyle: Aluminium Frame - Appointments PlannerStyle: Blue Edge Frame - Month PlannerStyle: Aluminium Frame - Month Planner
Style: Blue Edge Frame - Annual PlannerStyle: Aluminium Frame - Annual Planner

Undated planners that can be used time and time again. Choose from 24 hour 7 day/  a week/ a month or an annual planner. There is also an appointment planner. 
Useful range of printed whiteboard planners, 600(H) x 900 mm(W), available in 5 variants to suit your needs, each in a choice of 2 whiteboard styles.
Magnetic, aluminium framed Dry-wipe coated steel version to accept magnets. Supplied with through the corner fixings and pen tray. 
Blue edged frame-less design Dry-wipe laminate non-magnetic surface for use with dry-wipe pens. This sleek modern design is supplied with through the board fixings, white caps conceal fixing.
Please allow 4-7 working days for delivery.

Our Price:  £46.08(Exc. 20% VAT)

Model:  6831

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