Early Years Library Storage

Create a bright and beautiful space to encourage a life long love of books: Book cases, shelf units, book display units, kinder boxes, static and mobile book trolleys, themed room sets, soft seating, room dividers and tables and chairs. 
We offer a free planning and design service to help you maximise your space and budget please contact us to take advantage.
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Kinderbox with Fixed Shelves

Kinderbox with Fixed Shelves£210.90

Junior Big Book Storage Easel

Junior Big Book Storage Easel£169.73

Static Book Display 5 Shelves

Static Book Display 5 Shelves£165.00

4 or 6 Bay Kinderbox

4 or 6 Bay Kinderbox£162.00


4 Shelf Static Book Display

4 Shelf Static Book Display£159.00

Stackable Combination Units

Stackable Combination UnitsFrom:  £159.00

Angled Shelf Bookcase

Angled Shelf Bookcase£157.99

Book Storage Tiered Shelves

Book Storage Tiered Shelves£154.14

3 Shelf Mobile Bookcase

3 Shelf Mobile Bookcase£149.50

Mixed Shelf Mobile Bookcase

Mixed Shelf Mobile BookcaseFrom:  £140.50

Mobile Bookcase with Angled shelves

Mobile Bookcase with Angled shelves£149.50

3 Shelf Static Library Unit

3 Shelf Static Library Unit£135.00

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Page 1 of 2:    15 Items
Where would we be without a library? Interesting quotes from The Association For Library Services to Children, America:
Poet and Writer Jorge Luis Borges: 
"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library."
Grammy-winning Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller Bill Harley: 
''Every child needs a safe place to fall - a place where he or she can explore things without worrying about failure and judgement. A library is one of those places. In a library you can learn by following your own nose, which is very different from someone telling you what you should learn. Once a kid learns a library is hers, to use as she wants, the world opens up., I've seen it happen. It happened to me.''
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA.): 
“If you want to know how many prison cells to build, look at the number of third graders who can’t read.”