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Multipurpose Folding Table Range. If you need any help selecting your folding tables, or you need to make use of our free space planning, simply contact us



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Table for Art Projects

Table for Art ProjectsFrom:  £346.70


EasyFold Meeting Room Tables

EasyFold Meeting Room TablesFrom:  £91.30

Gopak Round Folding Table

Gopak Round Folding TableFrom:  £210.99


Gopak Folding Activity Table

Gopak Folding Activity TableFrom:  £167.00


Grey Circular Folding Table

Grey Circular Folding Table£119.00

Gopak Premier Folding Table

Gopak Premier Folding TableFrom:  £110.00


Grey Folding Rectangular Table

Grey Folding Rectangular TableFrom:  £99.00

Gopak Contour Plus Folding Table

Gopak Contour Plus Folding TableFrom:  £88.50


Gopak Light Weight Contour Folding Table

Gopak Light Weight Contour Folding TableFrom:  £80.50


Gopak Economy Folding Tables

Gopak Economy Folding TablesFrom:  £66.25


Contour Stacking Benches

Contour Stacking BenchesFrom:  £61.00


Titan Poly Top Folding Exam Desk

Titan Poly Top Folding Exam Desk£35.00


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Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

Save space, time and effort with our range of multi-functional folding tables. Designed to be easy to move , use and store these tables can be folded up or down quickly and easily and can then be stored away safely ready to be easily moved when required.

Choose from aluminium folding tables, rectangular, round/ circular, lightweight, heavyweight, economy/ low-cost, combined table/ seating units and more. Use for school dining rooms and canteens, buffet and break-out areas, meeting, training and conference rooms, fetes and festivals and social events - the perfect solution for a busy school timetable. Match with stacking benches or folding chairs for the ultimate space saving solution.

The multi-purpose folding table range suits most applications both indoor and out and are available in a myriad of colours, sizes and shapes. These folding tables are fantastic value for money and are all backed by a manufacturers guarantee - your assurance of quality products.