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How Schools Benefit

How schools benefit using Zoot's school furniture and equipment disposal service.

A West Yorkshire school saves thousands using Zoot's unique school furniture and equipment disposal service.

Case study

Zoot were contacted by a school in West Yorkshire in response to one of our e-mails.

They had the go ahead to totally refurbish the entire school and wanted a company that could not only provide new furniture but could also ethically dispose of their redundant school furniture.

The board of Governors, teachers and pupils were adamant that they did not want the furniture to end up in landfill and rather than sell the furniture or have to pay removal and landfill taxes, were prepared to donate the furniture to a worthy cause.

After a free consultation and plans drawn up for the installation of the new furniture (considering the 'Whole Life Cost' for each and every new product supplied), this is how Zoot helped the school to sustainably dispose of their redundant items:-

​Zoot organised, via one of their trusted charities who are equipping schools in Jamaica, for all of the furniture to be removed at no cost to the school.

This resulted in: -

  • The diversion of approximately 14 tonnes of school furniture going to landfill.
  • Prevented between 5600 - 8200 cubic metres of methane gases (more deadly than CO2), being released into our atmosphere.
  • Diversion and reuse of this furniture resulted in a net Green House Gas saving of 25 tonnes of CO2.
  • A saving to the school of approximately £3,500 - £4,500 (plus VAT) on landfill taxes, labour and transport.
  • Hardly no time involved on behalf of school staff.
  • An enhancement in the schools reputation by actively recycling their items.
  • The opportunity to set up a collaborative, long term project between themselves and 3 schools in Jamaica that can be embedded, and will be beneficial to the curriculum in all the schools involved.

Did you know that staff time, awareness and funding were cited as being the main barriers to improved environmental performance?

Zoot offer a solution...

  • Little or no staff time required.
  • No awareness or experience required on your behalf - simply tell us your school furniture problem and we'll find you an effective solution leaving you to concentrate on teaching.
  • Funding - what funding? Our services are currently free of charge.

 Simply e-mail us, fill in the form below or telephone now on 01453 549322 to see how we can help you...

...For all our futures.

Donate used school furniture and equipment form: - 

So that we can calculate transport and collection costs please list quantities, measurements of desks/ tables and applicable age group, seat or desk height or Key Stage. Please let us know if chairs and tables are folding,stacking or non stacking.
The dates the used items will be available from and the dead line for possible collection. We have re-homed items within very short time-scales but the longer you can allow the better.
Please advise any parking restrictions or access issues that need to be considered to execute a successful collection.
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