Shield Exterior Showcase with Surface Posts

Shield Exterior Showcase with Surface Posts
Size: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Ink NavySize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Royal BlueSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Scarlet RedSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Emerald Green
Size: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Light GreySize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Dark WineSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: BlueberrySize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Quince
Size: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: BlackSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: GunmetalSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Bottle GreenSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Yellow
Size: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: CorkSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: PurpleSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: MagentaSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Lilac
Size: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: OrangeSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: CyanSize: 1050 x 752mm (HxW),  Colour: Apple GreenSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Ink Navy
Size: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Royal BlueSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Scarlet RedSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Emerald GreenSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Light Grey
Size: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Dark WineSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: BlueberrySize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: QuinceSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Black
Size: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: GunmetalSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Bottle GreenSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: YellowSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Cork
Size: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: PurpleSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: MagentaSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: LilacSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Orange
Size: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: CyanSize: 1050 x 1012mm (HxW),  Colour: Apple GreenSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Ink NavySize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Royal Blue
Size: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Scarlet RedSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Emerald GreenSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Light GreySize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Dark Wine
Size: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: BlueberrySize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: QuinceSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: BlackSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Gunmetal
Size: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Bottle GreenSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: YellowSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: CorkSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Purple
Size: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: MagentaSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: LilacSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: OrangeSize: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Cyan
Size: 1050 x 1182mm (HxW),  Colour: Apple GreenSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Ink NavySize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Royal BlueSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Scarlet Red
Size: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Emerald GreenSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Light GreySize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Dark WineSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Blueberry
Size: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: QuinceSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: BlackSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: GunmetalSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Bottle Green
Size: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: YellowSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: CorkSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: PurpleSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Magenta
Size: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: LilacSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: OrangeSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: CyanSize: 1050 x 1397mm (HxW),  Colour: Apple Green

Shield design and coloured frame options create a stylish covered noticeboard at an affordable price. Three size options to accommodate four, nine or twelve A4 sheets of paper. Choice of five frame colours complimented by a wide range of noticeboard colours. Made in the UK. Market leading range of fire retardant covered noticeboards fully constructed and tested to meet the latest building and fire regulations. Ideal for use in public buildings and industrial applications. Independently tested and fully classified as B-s1, d0 according to BS-EN 13501-1.

Our Price:  £493.68(Exc. 20% VAT)

Model:  SCEB8-AL-IN

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