WriteOn coloured glassboard

WriteOn coloured glassboard
Size: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: WhiteSize: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: BlackSize: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: RedSize: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: Blue
Size: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: YellowSize: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: GreySize: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: Sky BlueSize: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: Violet
Size: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: OrangeSize: 500 x 500mm (HxW),  Colour: LimeSize: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: WhiteSize: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: Black
Size: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: RedSize: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: BlueSize: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: YellowSize: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: Grey
Size: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: Sky BlueSize: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: VioletSize: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: OrangeSize: 600 x 450mm (HxW),  Colour: Lime
Size: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: WhiteSize: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: BlackSize: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: RedSize: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: Blue
Size: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: YellowSize: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: GreySize: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: Sky BlueSize: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: Violet
Size: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: OrangeSize: 900 x 600mm (HxW),  Colour: LimeSize: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: WhiteSize: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: Black
Size: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: RedSize: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: BlueSize: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: YellowSize: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: Grey
Size: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: Sky BlueSize: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: VioletSize: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: OrangeSize: 1000 x 650mm (HxW),  Colour: Lime

4 new vibrant colours added to the range of these popular dry-wipe glass boards Display your messages or menus in style. A range of attractive glass dry-wipe boards which also accept super strength magnets. The glass board stands proud of the wall on special chrome fixings, supplied, adding to the visual impact. Made from 4 mm toughened safety glass with a steel back. Now in a choice of 11 colours.

Our Price:  £67.15(Exc. 20% VAT)

Model:  G5050-WH

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