School furniture and equipment disposal without costing the Earth...

Welcome to Zoot!  Your solution for the disposal of your old, second-hand, redundant or surplus school furniture and equipment, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. At no or little cost to you.

For over 20 years our aim has remained the same - to save you time and money while caring for our planet and helping everyone to benefit.  With Zoot, disposing of your old and unwanted school furniture and equipment doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Whether you are a large university, a small playgroup or an office, we understand that you have budgets to adhere to and have limited time to source and find a cost-effective solution for the disposal of your old and redundant school furniture and equipment  items.  Allow Zoot to help you dispose of your surplus items, and rest assured, we’ll do everything we can to help you reduce your organisation’s footprint, ensure that your furniture is re-used to live again and that everyone that uses the service benefits for all of our future's.  

HOW SCHOOLS BENEFIT: See how your establishment could benefit whilst simultaneously helping others and reducing landfill. Everybody benefits.
COLLECTION: Ordering new furniture and equipment? We’ll collect* your old furniture after your new furniture has been delivered, ensuring you aren’t left without furniture, saving you time and money whilst also helping to reduce carbon emissions. For all of our futures.
DONATE OLD FURNITURE: Don't poison the planet for generations to come donate your reusable unwanted educational furniture and equipment items to help put smiles on the faces of people around the globe. Together we can
RECYCLE & REUSE: We will recycle or re-home your old furniture instead of adding to the 700,000 tonnes of school furniture and equipment going to landfill each year, in turn this will reduce the amount of harmful gases entering our atmosphere. Stop Land-fill becoming Land-full.
JOIN US: Get in touch if you share our passion to drastically reduce landfill from the educational sector and are interested in 'The Whole Cost of Life' of products or the 'Circular Economy'. 

If you have a school/ educational furniture and equipment disposal problem try our cost free solution - save time, save money, help other people and reduce landfill. Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.  

*Collections are dependent on many factors including what you have for disposal, how much time you have allowed to dispose of your items and where you are in the country and cannot therefore be 100% guaranteed.