Charlie the Chair

The life, the death and the reincarnation of Charlie the Polypropylene chair

The life, the death and the reincarnation of Charlie the Polypropylene Chair.

​Zoot seldom have to recycle school furniture and equipment - we REUSE. If you have items which are not fit for purpose read our little story and get in touch!

Charlie the Chair starts his life when School A purchases him from Zoot and he is looking good and feeling fine.

Charlie is guaranteed for 5 years (fair wear and tear) but he would like to remain useful (an asset) for much, much longer. After a few years his hopes of useful long life are dashed when he learns he is no longer needed, and his greatest fears realised… to be buried alive and useless for an eternity…

It’s lucky for Charlie that Zoot Educational Furniture would never let this waste of usefulness happen: we love Charlie, and our planet. School A advertised Charlie and his friends on our national database, and after he had been ‘virtually’ viewed a few times he learnt that his new home was just around the corner with a new owner called school B.

Well Charlie was chuffed to bits. Not only had he been useful to his first owners, he had also made them some money when he was sold – saving them money on not paying skip hire, labour and land fill charges – but most important of all he knew he would never be buried alive and useless again. Thanks to the Zoot Way he could look forward to being re-used and recycled forever.

Charlie lived a long and useful life with three more school owners and proved just as useful to them as his first owners. His twilight years were spent being useful at a local working men’s club – he loved vaudeville.

The day came when he wasn’t as useful as he once was – what was to happen to him? Zoot organised his collection from the club, and he was put into a melting pot, polymer was added and he was born again…

And do you know what happened to him? He was purchased again by school A!

When Charlie was reborn and returned to his very first owners, he met his great-great uncle. He was very old and worn and although his owners had tried to recycle him they had no luck. Charlie told him not to worry because even though school A had not bought him from Zoot originally, they had ordered new chairs from them and he was to be exchanged and recycled, and born again.

Charlie knew he would meet his great-great uncle again somewhere. 

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